World's fastest Mobile Broadband offered by Telestra

Tuesday, March 3rd 2009

Telstra, the broadband giant of Australia has a launched a wireless broadband service that, according to it is the fastest mobile broadband in the world. They also revealed their intention of upgrading the service to 42Mbps in the near future. Telstra puts all the credit on a new modem called Telstra Turbo 21, realised jointly by Telstra, Qualcomm, Ericsson and Sierra Wireless, which is the base requirement to access the high-speed broadband service that would be presented over Telstra's Next generation HSPA+ Mobile Broadband network. Telstra had revealed the concept at the World Mobile Congress that took place in Barcelona a couple of weeks back.


Sol Trujillo Of Telstra Gives A Briefing At WMC The CEO of Telstra, Sol Trujillo said in Barcelona that the rate of the new mobile broadband can help a range of industries to boost their business productivity. He added that within a short span of two years they have upgraded the peak network speeds of their network to 21Mbps from 3.6Mbps, and that day, they were launching the first commercial modem of the world that offers a peak rate of 21Mbps. He also hoped to see business productivity further increased with the network and devices that supported the rate of 21Mbps, at a time of debacles and fiascos caused by the global economic recession.


Meanwhile, Jason Cohenour, the CEO of Sierra Wireless said that Telstra had assumed a vanguard role in the materialisation of HSPA+ technology, and had approached them before any other carrier, to ensure that their equipments would be timely for the first roll-out of the HSPA+ network in the world.

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