Successful trial by TfL aims to bring 4G to underground Tube by 2019

Wednesday, November 29th 2017

Transport for London (TfL) has said that 4G signals will go underground in 2019, one of the few remaining 'notspots'. Due to a successful summer test by TfL, conducted over the Waterloo & City Line, TfL has predicted that in 2019, the globally iconic underground train system will offer uninterrupted signals across its tube network to commuters. TfL will be tendering for a service provider to deploy the technology across its tube service.

Apparently, all the four major mobile operators are involved in the design of the test. TfL was also able to practice the laying of the new fibre-optic cables via stations and tunnels, but all the equipment used for the trial has been since removed. TfL is talking with prospective suppliers for the new tender. With the aim taking in a partner service provider by the next summer, TfL intends to issue next year a Standard Selection Questionnaire. The first of Tube stations can be enabled from 2019.

It is known that signals are available at Tube stations and certain spots, via Virgin, however the new deployment will offer users full access to 4G signal even while in the tunnels. The trial is the next step towards a wider public cellular network, complementing the modern day commuter experience, with the smartphones and devices integral to a digital economy involved.

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