Glastonbury to get Smart Home tech as EE pitches 4G Smart Tent here

Tuesday, June 20th 2017

EE continues on its 4G partnership with Glastonbury, as it is the festival's official technology partner for the past 5 years. EE is bringing Smart Home technology with a Smart Tent, for rhose 'glamping' at the festival. Music festivals often see unbearable hot tents, slushy mud and poor bathroom facilities. EE aims to offer a plausible solution to some extent with the Smart Tent for people camping at the festival, providing a non-stop supply of drink, a comfortable bed and above all, high-speed wireless broadband.

The Smart Tent houses a smart fridge, which can tweet if it runs out of drinks, plus a wellington boot warmer. It has got an inbuilt entertainment centre, relaying the coverage of the festival done by BBC, along with custom VR content. The unit is solar powered and acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot, providing connectivity from 10am to 10pm.. It has a smart security camera, to help the occupant to check on his/her belongings, by sending recordings to a smartphone application. A Twitter competition is also being offered to people to win a chance to stay in the smart tent for one night.

EE built here a temporary 4G network in 2016, the biggest and most powerful one in UK, involving temporary base stations and adding a high capacity 2.6GHz spectrum to run on. For the first time EE is erecting a permanent tower to give coverage boost not just to the 175,000 festival revellers, but for the residents of Glastonbury too. It also helps EE's bid to reach 92% geographical coverage this year and 95% by 2020.

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