EE to roll out in big UK cities 4G+ broadband at 400Mbps

Wednesday, June 7th 2017

Prominent mobile operator EE is deploying in UK, fastest 'real world' 4G+ speeds in London's Tech City and Cardiff. But not many can use it as yet, as the service serving up 429Mbps will need a device compatible with Cat 16 LTE standard. Currently only Sony Xperia XZ Premium is capable, but as more devices with such capability would be released in future, customers in these areas will enjoy speeds of 50Mbps, says EE.

This upgrade to superfast speeds has been achieved using Carrier Aggregation technology and Category 16 technology that marries 30MHz in the existing 1800MHz bandwidth with 35MHz from the 2.6GHz bandwidth of the radio spectrum, with benefits of 4x4 MIMO using 4 signals instead of 2 and application of 256QAM.

EE has run a number of pilots in Tech City, capitalising on the high concentration of tech companies here, who are more likely to take up high rates of adoption. Because of the UEFA Champions League final last week, Cardiff has recently been an area of focus and now hosts the most powerful base station in UK. The next location for the 4G+ mobile service has been confirmed to be Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh, by EE.

The BT-owned operator has committed to expand coverage geographically to 95% of UK on 4G by 2020, but will be reaching 92% by the end of this year. In urban areas where data consumption is extreme, the challenge is to boost capacity.

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