4G mobile broadband service launched in Channel Tunnel

Sunday, December 21st 2014

For the first time Eurotunnel has announced that 4G broadband services will be available in the Channel Tunnel. Passengers travelling between UK and France will be able to enjoy 4G coverage on their smatphones, tablets, laptops or any compatible mobile device, on the move, even 100 metres below the sea. Superfast mobile broadband with download speeds, 10 times faster than obtained in 3G networks, will be available to commuters using the Eurostar train or Eurotunnel shuttle service plying through the undersea tunnel. Some 20 million people travel each year through the Channel Tunnel. Thanks to Eurotunnel's deal worked out with O2, Vodafone UK, EE and Bouygues Telecom, a comprehensive 4G network is now made available to millions of train passengers.

With this upgrade passengers will be able to stream videos, watch or listen to music clips and share data on their mobile devices, all while travelling. Michel Boudoussier, Chief Operating Officer of Eurotunnel, claimed the passengers will be able to to get incredible connectivity, astonishing access to better information, and allow them to remain operational during the train journey, while other customers can have the opportunity to relax too.

EE's Chief Technical Officer, Fortis Karonis, was proud they were the first UK operator to offer superfast data in the Channel Tunnel. EE was first to launch 4G services through the English Channel from 24th September. Some 25,000 of its customers used the service for mobile broadband between middle of September and middle of November. Speeds of 57Mbps were delivered during the first 2 months and the average speed clocked 13.4 Mbps, revealed EE.

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