Free Business Email Security offered by KCOM Internet

Tuesday, December 14th 2010

One of the popular internet service providers operating in the United Kingdom, KCOM Internet has offered the protection of a hundred businesses with its new product 'EmailShield' at no extra cost.

The EmailShield claims that it can apprehend viruses before their reaching a network, stop up to 99 per cent of SPAM mail and lower the costs involved for storing data considerably.

Clodagh Murphy, the director of KCOM Internet said that they knew how crucial it was for businesses for keeping their networks safe. He added that since many offices left empty over the period of Christmas, networks require to be cleanly safeguarded from spam and viruses for making the return after the break as smooth as possible.

Murphy claimed that EmailShield was a hosted solution, the updates of which are handled exclusively by KCOM, which meant there was no need for concern about fresh virus threats. Besides, every mail was filtered before its hitting the own exchane server of the businesses to reduce requirements of storage for unwanted mail.

Murphy concluded that they wanted show the businesses their support, which was more than evident from the fact that they were offering a hundred businesses during the Christmas season the oppotunity for having EmailShield protection at free of charges. He aded that all that was expected from them was a little bit of feedback on how the solution performed.


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