TalkTalk, the Post Office and KCom affected by cyber attack

Friday, December 2nd 2016

One of UK's biggest service providers TalkTalk, the Post Office and KCom based in Hull, were affected by a cyber attack using the malware known as Mirai worm virus. It spreads via compromised computers/devices and over 100,000 users in Britain got their internet access knocked out.
The Post Office has said that about 100,000 of their customers experienced problems since Sunday. KCom has put the number at around 10,000 for customers affected since Saturday. Although TalkTalk has confirmed that they have also been affected, they did not reveal the number of those affected.
So far no one has claimed responsibility for the cyber attack, but KCom and Deutsche Telekom feel this is part of a worldwide attack. Security experts guess it could be Russian hackers, but they lack any evidence. They think the attack simply aims to cause disruption. The Mirai worm virus affects devices that run on Linux operating system, by taking control of them and putting them offline. The worm has attacked certain types of routers and knocked off their internet connection.
A spokesperson for the Post Office confirmed a third party disrupted the services on 27 November , as certain types of routers were impacted but assured that no personal data was at risk. TalkTalk informed its customers of the hack and said with other providers, in the UK and abroad, were taking steps to review the impact. The provider said only a small number of its customer's routers were affected and to protect customers have deployed additional network level controls.

The Mirai worm was the cause of an attack on Deutsche Telekom, the German ISP. It knocked off more than 900,000 of customer connections during November of this year. The routers were affected when remote access features on the device used to upgrade firmware by ISPs were compromised. In October too a similar cyber attack on Dyn, internet domain provider of US, resulted in putting offline a host of prominent websites that included Twitter, Spotify and Reddit.

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