Over 2m Computers infected by Cybercriminals

Thursday, April 14th 2011

The Justice Department of the United States said on Wednesday that it had taken several steps for disabling a computers' network infected by a virus, which stole financial and private details from unsuspecting computer consumers.

According to the department, over a couple of million computers have been found to be infected by a malicious software programme dubbed Coreflood, allegedly engaged by cybercriminals for stealing the online banking credentials and passwords of the individuals.

Meanwhile, the officials of Law-enforcement said that they have had five commanding and controling computer servers seized, which controlled hundreds of thousands of affected computers remotely. The authority also claimed their seizing twenty nine domain names that were part of the Coreflood programme.

Prosecutors said that anonymous defenders, assumed to be foreign nationals, were using the stolen data for fradulent direct wire transfering of money from the bank accounts of the victims. According to them, victimes included a Michigan-based real estate company, a North Carolina-based investment firm and a Tennessee based defense contractor.

Subsequently, civil bank fraud and wire fraud charges were filed against thirteen anonymous defendants, listed as John Does in the legal complaint by the prosecutors.

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