Mobile Broadband safety under scrutiny

Tuesday, May 18th 2010

Surfing the web is ofcourse quite easy but is it safe? Experts say that Internet security is under a great threat now. Wireless roaming is being the most common technology used, rather than focusing to get information to right people, experts need to keep an eye on the hackers doing illegal access. Simon Pamplin, pre-sales manager of Brocade system engineer, identifies that people don't find time to be plugged out from sites or left open to threats. He added that mobile broadband threat can be broadly classified into two, known threats and unknown threats.

After years of experience, Pamplin added that they learnt people breaking the networks are implausibly talented and brainy, who always look for a trap to plug in. His comments made it clear that Google StreetView cars in Germany is picking up information from the unsecured Wi Fi network nearby. However on exploring Wi Fi Alliance, reveals most people wish to use Wi Fi in day to day life.

70% and more people when surveyed want to watch out movies from any screen  from their home, while 54% are looking for a music library via iPod or mp3. It is been reported that in the year 2009, about 475 million Wi Fi chip sets were shipped in. 

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