Disturbing online child sex abuse trends revealed

Wednesday, May 19th 2010

IWF - Internet Watch Foundation has issued its annual report, as it attempts to battle against criminal online content in UK. In piling up the report, it has found that another batch of disturbing trends and finding concerning the sexual abuse of children worldwide.

The publication paid its attention particularly to the scale of pay per view child sexual abuse business. It founded out that more than 650 unique web pages were owned by prolific brands alone. It trusts that removing and breaking up these gateway pages can aid to incapacitate access to million of images, membership and payment systems supporting this trade.

To summate, IWF detected the existence of more than 450 criminal abuse brands selling out videos and images across net. Most alarming is the news to take advantage of legalized internet services including Face book, social networking sites.

Looking globally, Russia, North America and Europe are the most active regions socializing 92% of child sexual abuse content. The IWF chief executive, Peter Robbins speaking on the report uttered: The usage of internet and volume of content is continuing to increase globally. Moreover, the techniques used by the abusers are diversifying; getting more complex, cheaper, quicker and more opportunistic than ever before. It is vital that we understand and stay far from these changing patterns.

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