BT, Plusnet subscribers using Windows 10 and 8 put offline by a bug

Saturday, December 10th 2016

Subscribers on BT and Plusnet networks are being put offline in UK by a malicious bug. Customers using these Microsoft operating systems are told to reboot or use static IP addresses. Otherwise they will lose network connectivity, apparently because of a problem with DHCP.

Specifically, Windows 8 and 10 users seem to no longer be reliably getting LAN-side IP addresses and DNS server settings from routers belonging to BT and Plusnet, thus stopping them from connecting to the internet and other devices part of their network. The problem affects Plusnet too, because it is a subsidiary of BT, although billing as an independent ISP.

According to reports, Microsoft is investigating the mysterious bug and will decide on a fix if necessary. Until then the software giant of Redmond simply advices users to reboot their PCs. Plusnet suggested that subscribers use static LAN IP addresses and fixed DNS settings, instead of receiving this information automatically through DHCP to connect to the internet.

However, subscribers have reported that simply rebooting does not clear the problem always effectively and sometimes repeated restarts are needed to reach the network automatically. Whatever has caused the problem has resulted in broken DHCP with the computer not gaining IP addresses assigned automatically. Although the scale of the issue is not clear, it seems to be spreading ad it is hitting randomly, affecting Dell, Acer and HP machines also.

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