Zen prepares to launch fibre broadband

Friday, June 4th 2010

Zen Internet is all set to unveil its fibre broadband package and at the same time warns that it is still months away to lay the 100Mbits/sec fibre-to-the-premises(FTTP). Based on BT's network, Rochdale ISP, one of the few ISPs has announced the plan of offering customers fibre broadband.

Initially this company will offer up to 40Mbps fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) lines in those areas that are covered by BT's fibre rollout from the month of September.

Speaking to PC Pro, Andrew Saunders, Zen's head of product management said that the company will offer fibre equivalents of its current ADSL packages. Saunders also said that although pricing is yet to be finalised, an extra premium of between £5 and £10 will be there for the fibre packages.

Saunders has however warned those customers who are waiting for upto 100Mbps FTTP services that their wait would be longer as BT is yet to start the trial of the technology which is to run from the local exchange to the door of the customer.

BT has announced that up to 25% of the fibre lines could finally run FTTP services at higher speed. Earlier this week, Zen announced that the monthly download allowances has been doubled on all of its ADSL packages.

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