Zen internet unveils FTTP broadband services

Tuesday, November 22nd 2011

Zen internet opens FTTP (Fibre to the premises) broadband services to homes and areas like Chester South, York exchanges, Highams Park and Bradwell Abbey where FTTP technology was already upgraded by BT.

Though there are different FTTP packages, the Fibre Active which offers ‘up to’ download speed of 40Mbps and an upload speed of ‘up to’ 2Mbps with a monthly download limit of 5oGbps for a price of 30 Pounds a month is the cheapest FTTP package. One can increase upload speed up to 10Mbps and download limit to 100GB by paying 38Pounds a month by subscribing to Fibre Pro Service. With Fibre Office package offer one can boost the download limit to 200 GB by paying 55 Pounds a month.

Another FTTP Service is Fibre Enterprise with upload speed of ‘up to’ 15Mbps and download limit of 500 GB and yet another is a package known as Fibre Enterprise Plus with upload speed ‘up to’ 30Mbps and download limit of 500 GB. The former costs 70 Pounds and the latter costs 95 Pounds a month. For both these packages the download speed is ‘up to’ 100Mbps.

Zen revealed that another seven exchanges are going to be equipped with FTTP technology and will be ready to offer FTTP service shortly. Areas like Ashford in Middlesex, St. Austell, Ilford, Exeter, Forest Hill, Wembley and Leytonstone will be covered by the next roll out.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) expects that as a norm, copper will be replaced by fibre for broadband connections within three to five years, said Mr. Andrew Saunders of Zen internet. ISP revealed that at present 20% of its new customers opt ‘fibre’ and in the near future it is likely to increase.

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