Zen Internet offers Free Caller ID facility

Wednesday, September 5th 2018

The Rochdale based Zen Internet is going to offer the Caller ID feature to their customers at free of cost as the feature is now chargeable as add on facility. The facility enables the digital handsets to display the number of incoming call on it. This facility has to be done by all the other service providers soon as Ofcom has made a new rule in this regard.

The provision of this caller ID is as a result of a new rule by Ofcom – UK Telecoms Regulating Authority, which had banned the Caller display faclities charges charged by the service providers. Other aspects of this rule are nuisance calls, support for disabled people, complaints handling, collection of debt and billing accuracy.

As per the rule:
The Calling Line Identification facilities must be provided by the regulated providers by default unless they can prove and demonstrate that the provision is not feasible technically or economically viable for them.
The providers must convey the subscribers if they cannot provide the Caller ID faclity.
When the facilities are provided to the subscribers, the providers must ensure that CLI data with a call includes a diallable and valid telephone number to identify the caller and respect end users privacy choices.
The service providers must not charge any extra charges or fees to get such Calling line identification facilities.

Hence the customers of Zen Internet having a telephone line will get Caller ID service with effect from October 1, 2018 for free. Irrespective of whether you had opted for that add on feature or not, the service provider is giving the feature to everyone by default. So you dont need to do anything, if you have a telephone line of Zen then your phone will show the incoming numbers automatically from 1st October.

Eventhough this caller ID facility is made available, the digital handsets have the option to disable it if the users do not want to have or if necessary.

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