YouView launch to mark the Take Off of Broadband TV

Thursday, December 16th 2010

The broadband enabled television service led by the BBC, YouView is believed to prove successful in the year 2011, at least for the consumer services head of an emerging internet service provider in the United Kingdom.

According to UK broadband provider, KC's Nick Thompson's claims YouView that is a joint venture between a few of the largest broadcasters and internet service providing firms of the United Kingdom, including the BBC, ITV, TalkTalk and BT would help in the take off of the service in the country.

Thomson also warned that the facility with its massive hunger for bandwidth could end up posing a major challenge to the internet service providers operating across the United Kingdom.

According to Thomson, access to a faster broadband internet service would turn out into an increasingly critical part of daily life with the launch of YouView. He added that greater pressures would be placed on broadband providers by YouView for delivering consistent services against increased usage.

Furthermore, YouView has been smothered by controversies in rec ent times, with the likes of Virgin Media and Sky complaining that it could emerge harmful to the country's digital television market.

Nevertheless, the rejection of the idea by the telecommunications regulator of the United Kingdom; Ofcom has come as shot in the arm for the supporters of the service. The regulator incidentally decided not to open a probe into the service under the Competition Act.

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