YouTube celebrates five years and 2 billion views per day

Thursday, May 20th 2010

Five years after its beta launch as a small internet start up, YouTube has exceeded the two billion strikes milestone, yet there is even more to on its journey, its founders say.

The magnificent figure is almost double the number of people who watch out Three prime time TV station of America. Google which owns You Tube since 2006, grabbed the company for cool $1.65 billion. People watch TV for more times a day than they spend for YouTube, while two billion per day is yet a figure to be reckoned with, specially when the site encountered a one million hits per day, happened seven months ago.

The Co founder of YouTube commenting on the growth exclaimed that they never planned or imaged to reach the scale what they are today. They are trying to create a new video solution based on personal frustrations. He added that they feel proud of the current achievement and still has got lot more to work on.

YouTube has certainly come a long way where most people in the earlier days actually doesn't know what YouTube was. Most of them used the site to upload pirated clips of TV shows and movies.


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