Yorkshire to get faster broadband speeds with the launch of IXLeeds

Saturday, February 11th 2012

Official launch of IXLeeds internet exchange on February 16th will help Yorkshire to benefit from improved broadband speeds. In September 2010, when the first members were connected to the internet exchange the IXP had entered the service. February 16 is the official launch of the service.

The neutral, non-profit internet exchange point (IXP) are opening up opportunities for internet service providers (ISPs) to provide low-cost and super fast broadband connection to customers located in the north. This initiative will help Yorkshire become less dependent on internet infrastructure of London. This will reduce the pressure on London's internet infrastructure during the Olympics.The scheme will provide support for super-fast broadband and urban internet service rollout. Regional internet exchanges like this will handle local data use.

IXLeeds is one of the first exchanges like this in Yorkshire. Established in 2008, it is committed to strengthening collaboration between network operators in the area. To celebrate the launch, a event will be held where Robert Ling of Broadband Delivery UK and Dr Adam Beaumont of Leeds-based telecoms firm aql will deliver speeches. The Carriage Works in Leeds will be the venue for the event.

Ed Vaizey, Communications Minister said that Projects such as IXLeeds will help connect regions and cities with improved broadband services, create better products, reach markets and create new job opportunities.

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