Yorkshire to get better broadband

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

Most of the people, including the MP representing the county, feel that provision of super fast business broadband in rural Yorkshire can be considered to the beginning of an industrial revolution in the area.

The households and the businesses in the region will be able to enjoy high speed broadband before the end of 2015 if the work is executed as per plan.

The county council is making all the necessary steps in connection with that. A suitable, reliable and experienced contractor will be engaged to carry out the installation of infrastructure and associated cabling.

Julian Smith, the Member of Parliament, representing Ripon ands Skipton is delighted that the communities in the county will have the privilege of most modern communication system within three years. He said that super fast broadband is as important as water, electricity, railways and canals. The economic prospects of the region depend on the high speed connectivity.

North Yorkshire is well known for its natural beauty. But the distance between the places is large and there is lack of necessary transport facilities. In the same way, the places are devoid of suitable broadband connection.

But that will be a story of the past. The UK government included the place for broadband provision and sanctioned £17.8 million grant. The European Union also contributed £8.6 million to meet the needs.

The MP is confident that high quality broadband will be a reality by the scheduled time as there is good support from the local population as well.

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