Yorkshire benefited due to high speed broadband

Wednesday, May 9th 2012

According to Regeneris Consulting, high speed connectivity is capable of boosting the regional economy at an amazing rate, thanks to the birth of new business and trading establishments and improved and efficient operation of the existing, by making use of innovations like ‘cloud computing’.

There will also be scope for large number of youth to get employment.

In the next 15 years, BT’s investment will provide an increase in revenue of £143 million for a typical town, generate employment for about 225 youth and enable starting up of 140 new establishments. In the case of a typical city, the figures will be £296 million, 430 new jobs and 320 new businesses.

It has been also established that faster broadband services will increase the concept of working from home. More personnel will opt to work from home.

BT’s investment of £2.5 billion for super fast broadband has so far benefited 545,000 households and business concerns in the Yorkshire County. The figure may cross the one million mark before the end of the year.

As per a report by Regeneris, thanks to BT’s broadband provision the region consisting of Yorkshire and Humber managed to increase the revenue by about £1billion. 18,000 new jobs also emerged. It is an indication of the important role that BT has played for the good of the region.

BT is determined to enhance the economy of not only Yorkshire and Humber, but even more challenging and remote areas. For that it is ready to collaborate with public sectors. The intention is to develop a more prosperous country.

BT’s effort has provided direct jobs to 7,000 personnel in the county. Another 11,270 indirect jobs are also created.

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