WSCC Wasting Broadband Fund Says Kijoma

Wednesday, April 11th 2012

Kijoma Broadband blames West Sussex County of utilizing broadband funds to provide broadband to regions that already have high speed broadband facilities.

As per what Kijoma has to say, West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has plans to financially support broadband facilities in areas that already new generation broadband.

Kijoma, the wireless Internet Service Provider has accused WSCC of trying to avail government funds to provide broadband services that are being provided already.

The owner of the ISP bill Lewis informed the West Sussex County Times that his company could currently provide high speed wireless broadband connections to residential homes and business enterprises across the Horsham district even if the consumers did not possess a landline facility.

He nevertheless stated that the local office had not engaged with the firm correctly concerning its Better Connected plans through which they have ideas of implementing super-fast broadband facilities to 90 percent of the county by the April of the year 2015.

In an attempt to reach this target, the council of West Sussex has availed of a sum of 2.62 million pounds from the Broadband delivery UK, a government agency and has also promised that they would match the funds.

In addition, the West Sussex County Council is also planning to submit an application for a sum of 7.6 billion pounds that was unveiled by the European Commission the previous October, and plan to use that money to aid in enhancing broadband facilities after the year 2015.

The ISP Kijoma Broadband presently provides over 24Mbps speeds, however, Mr. Bill Lewis elucidated that the firm was worried about chances of providing a 30Mbps facility, if it had to be rivalled by options offered by public grants.

He remarked that his company with many other individual companies concurs on the point that this kind of funding is not correct and that it would strangle the market.

He stated that a lot of firms that could fill the gap and manage to bring up private investment would not be able to do so with the shadow of a single horse race that was being egged on by government funds.

In reply to the accusations, a representative of WSCC asserted that the office was carrying out their duties justly and without being partial when they spoke to the various broadband providers.

He also said that as a part of the acquirement process, more discussions would be held to offer all Internet Service providers the chance to present complete details about their present coverage and their strategies of expanding.

The representative also firmly stated that WSCC or West Sussex Better connected have never behaved wrongly with Kijoma or with any other provider for that matter.

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