World's Fastest Car uses the Slowest Intel CPU

Wednesday, July 21st 2010

The supercar that is expected to smash all existing land speed records by clocking 1000mph, contrastingly uses the Atom processor of Intel that powers netbooks and a few light-duty devices.

It has been reported that four Intel Atom 1.6GHz processers that are designed specifically to withstand hostile conditions, would be used to power the forthcoming Bloodhound project's flagship models that looks similar to F-16 war planes without wings.

The processors are employed to take charge of calculations behind the hybrid propulsion systems of the car. As a matter of fact, the fourth processor would be acting as the hub that would relay data to the driver in the cockpit through an internal solid state drive.

Four processors would man the control systems, which maintain the stability of the car, something thought to be critical if Andy Dreen, the driver is to come out in colours in his record breaking try besides surviving the ordeal.

Reports say that the performance, resilience and the power saving quality of Atom processor were the reason for choosing it as the power behind the supercar. This according to experts sounded strange given that Atom was currently deemed as the most sluggish processor in the Intel family.


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