World Wide Web Creator Reveals Being Spoofed While Buying Gift Online

Tuesday, March 17th 2009

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who twenty years back, realized the concept of World Wide Web, said that he was once conned while trying to buy a Christmas gift from an online store. He also revealed that only after finding that his gift did not arrive, he realized that he was spoofed.

Subsequently, the authorities were called on by Sir Tim to apply as much effort into fighting internet crimes, as they apply into conventional crime. He also said that fresh steps were required to safeguard the users of internet from the myriad malicious software roaming all over the internet.

Tim Berners-LeeIncidentally, Sir Tim is only one among the ever increasing list of online cyber crime victims. Reports reveal that one out of every four internet users in Britain has been victimized by internet criminals, attempting to rob the financial details of the people. Reports also unveil that besides this; one out of six in the UK has fallen prey to other kinds of online scams.

However, he was optimistic about the future of the web, though he also stated his concerns regarding its security part. He summed up saying that the worst thing in the whole fraud chapter was that the online company involved, looked like a bona-fide company, and if the general systems were equipped to isolate the infected systems, until they have been disinfected that would had been ideal.

He had expressed his views in his speech, ahead of the Web Science 09 event. Sir Tim, who was born in the UK, at present, dons the role of a computer science professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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