Worcestershire is granted 3.3 million pounds for its broadband

Thursday, May 3rd 2012

The Worcestershire County Council is being given 3.3 million Pounds for bringing super fast broadband in that area. The County Council had submitted a plan named Connecting Worcestershire to the authorities.

According to the project, the broadband speeds in the area would be increased by the end of 2015.Authorities expect that a broadband speeds of 30 Mbps would be available to at least 90 per cent of the premises and the rest 10 per cent would be provided with broadband speeds of 2Mbps.

The award of 3.3 million Pounds is over and above the 8.5 million pounds already reserved for super fast broadband rollout by the authority’s cabinet. Currently negotiations are going on with potential providers with regard to the rollout of new under ground cables which is to be started in Summer.

The leader of the County Council Mr Adrian Hardman said that the announcement of the award itself is of great importance to Worcestershire as the county’s businesses were suffering from slow broadband speeds. Now the availability of Super fast broadband would help businesses in the area and they could flourish in the near future. Faster broadband would not only help existing local businesses but it would also attract new businesses.

The councillor continued that he was very much pleased when their plan was approved by the authorities. Now funds have been sanctioned and it is time for the council to work jointly for the fulfilment of their long cherished dream of bringing Super fast broadband to the area.

The slow broadband speeds in the county had angered the people and six years ago they created a community group of web users called “Martley Web Mesh” This group helped the residents of the locality by providing access to broadband with speeds of about 7 megabits per second from a nearby telephone exchange. One of the members of the group John Nicklin said that there are about 60 to 62 properties that use around 200 computers which come under the group and the aim of the group is to help more number of residents in Worcestershire. He said that the aim of the group and of the council is the same and so the funding allotted by the authorities is welcome.

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