Worcestershire County to get super fast broadband shortly

Thursday, December 1st 2011

According to councilor Simon Geraghty the GBP 8.5 million broadband scheme of Worcestershire will contribute a lot in increasing the profits of the private telecom companies.

He has warned that local authority’s policy of improving the broadband connectivity should not be mistaken that the private sector can quote for whatever prices they like.

At the beginning of the month the council disclosed its plans of GBP 8.5 million investments for providing super fast speeds to 90% of the properties of the county by 2015.

As the private sector has to pay only for the work related to the provision in 66% of the homes and business concerns, the local authority has the responsibility to fund for the balance.

Simon Geraghty remarked that the council is taking responsibility for provision of road and footpath networks but does not want to limit it to that.

He wanted that the Worcestershire must be made a good place not only for living but for work and for improving in life. As far as possible commuting by the people has to be reduced. They have to concentrate on work. They must be connected with the whole world. This applies t the business concerns as well.

‘Broadband Delivery UK’ is also providing GB P 3.3 million for the project. This amount, along with the GBP 8.5 million, will go a long way in improving the broadband coverage which is now an essential utility.

Green Investment Fund is also providing GBP 400,000. Another GBP 300,000 is also available from other sources.

Apart from providing super fast broadband to 90% of the Worcestershire properties, the council wants that the homes and business establishments are able to avail a minimum speed of 2 Mbps.

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