Worcester Locals Rail over Low Broadband Speeds

Monday, September 14th 2009

A housing estate residents in Worcester have put forth their lament that they received pathetically low broadband speeds for accessing internet. This happened at a Warndon Parish Council meeting, according to a report published in the Berrows Journal.


Slow Broadband Service in the UKThe journal reported that the meeting heard the complaints of the locals that the broadband services received in the village were pathetic in terms of internet access speeds, while the rural regions in Wales enjoyed better internet access speeds.


According to a resident, the internet access speed expected by the local people was 8 Mbps, although what they generally got was something between 1.2 Mbps and 1.5 Mbps. He also said to this fellow villagers that his sister residing in middle of the Wales rural area was enjoying better internet access speeds.


Meanwhile, a spokesman of BT, the prominent fixed-line UK broadband service provider said to the newspaper that the company was carrying on investing in the programmes for boosting broadband service speeds across the country.


He added that they were also looking ahead to bring fibre-optic broadband cable to a large part of the country, which would obviously bring a fresh as well as improved broadband internet service.

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