Wireless Network not Welcome in London Tube

Wednesday, February 23rd 2011

A recently carried out poll has revealed that 76 per cent of the London public were against the proposed underground mobile phone service network for the London Tube.

The poll that was carried out immediately after Chinese technology firm Huawei had expressed its interest in maintaining the proposed mobile network, probed 1094 people of London. The majority of the respondents were found to be against the proposal.

The survey was carried out by Good Mobile Phones UK, a popular mobile phone comparison website. It revealed that 31 per cent of the respondents that voted against the installation were afraid of being exposed to thieves and muggers.

16 per cent of the Londoners that were against the network maintained that using their devices underground would let sour the phone bill amount of theirs.

Meanwhile, the founder of Good Mobile Phones UK, Marc Owen said in a statement that the news of the tube mobile network apparently has resulted in causing a stir, although he was hardly surprised to find that number of people against it.

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