Wireless Broadband you can set-up yourself ?

Saturday, October 13th 2012

An ambitious but unique project called Tegola has started beaming from a college on the isle of Skye, to provide broadband to a number of remote communities that can't get proper internet connectivity.

Peter Buneman the Edinburgh computer scientist got the project off the ground. One can set up the broadband connection like a DIY kit using a small receiver mounted on a mast and some equipment, with some guidance from Peter when something needs to be fixed.

This project started off with a research grant. A local fish farm gave some assistance and the users pay voluntarily a subscription of £10 per month. The project was not an expensive one.

Community broadband activists now gather on Skye to learn from this successful project and others. Peter Buneman who is pivotal in bringing broadband to Arnisdale, Knoydart and beyond, still feels more can be done. The key he sees is to bring fibre to a hub like Gaelic College, and distribute it wirelessly to places that are missed out by the conventional network. He envisages fast fibre hubs in schools, community centres, etc. that form a network.

Although a major broadband firm had laughed at the idea and costs when Peter asked help, if you live in a remote area like in the Highlands, you now can do it yourself to get your broadband connection wirelessly.

That's how Iain Wilson, a sheep farmer, became UK's most remote user of broadband at Arnisdale, a hamlet in the Highlands of Scotland, through project Tegola.

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