WiFi provider Purple to offer free its advanced analytics

Saturday, February 3rd 2018

Ashton-based social WiFi company, Purple, is offering for free its enhanced analytics solution to businesses. It will be offered to all firms with 5 access points or less, aiming to disrupt the market and by a shake-up of its licensed and free WiFi products. The product, Purple SMB, adheres to General Data Protection Regulations and Corporate Data Protection Policies. Firms will get access to social engagement and marketing tools, custom reports, CRM data and connectors like TripAdvisor.

According to the CEO of Purple, Gavin Wheeldon, with their product, firms will get access to a cutting edge solution and functionality, without paying an excessive price. Offering it free to small businesses enables them with a bespoke service to engage with their customers, he added. The CEO said Purple SMB will give opportunities to businesses and others, plus give their network of partners an edge over other providers of WiFi analytics, also help pin down their position as market leaders.

The company had announced earlier a $7million investment deal to expand manpower, via a loan secured from Boost & Co and extra cash from existing investors. This follows the deal, in January 2017, for $3.3 million led by Sir Terry Leahy, formerly the Tesco boss. The investment allows momentum to their unbelievable growth over the last few years, said Gavin Wheaton.

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