Whitchurch will have high speed internet by spring

Monday, March 26th 2012

Whitchurch will be one of the places to benefit out of the fiber roll-out plan of British Telecom (BT), of value as much as GBP 2.5 billion. As a result of it more than 4,000 users in the North Shropshire town will be able to get universal broadband of at least 2 Mbps.

John Dovey, in charge of the company’s operations in West Midlands stated that the upgrade will do a lot to improve the life of the people of the place. In addition, a number of jobs for the t youth may be created. In spite of the economic slowdown BT is not looking back but is going ahead with the installation of the fiber cables and the infra structure. It is looking into the interest of the residents and business communities.

Even now 36,000 premises do have the high speed internet in Shropshire. With the up gradation another 50,000 more premises will be able to enjoy the faster connectivity.

Martin Taylor Smith, cabinet member of the Shropshire Council informed that, with the expansion programme of the network service provider, the place will be benefited in ample ways. There will be better entertainment facilities for the residents, educational opportunities for the students and growth for the business concerns. In addition the youth may be able to avail employment. In short, the faster connectivity will improve the life standard of the masses.

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