Westminster has the fastest average modem sync speed, says Ofcom

Saturday, March 17th 2012

Ofcom, the communications regulator has published the latest broadband speed data. The present theoretical download speeds available across England is made available. As per the data Westminster is the Local Authority District (LAD) that is having the fastest average modem sync speed. The potential of a connection in the Westminster is 10.8 Mbps but the end-user may not receive this speed.

A number of districts located in London, with Hackney, Camden and Islinton are also having the average modem sync speeds of 10 Mbps. Apart from the capital, Bristol recorded the best average speed of 10Mbps. According to a former study conducted by Ofcom, it was revealed that the average broadband speed in the UK was increased by 22% during the last 12 months ending in November 2011. As per the researchers, the download speeds available to a British household is 7.6Mbps at present. It was 6.8 Mbps in last May and in November and December in 2010 the download speed was 6.2 Mbps.

Last November a study was conducted and as per its version, more than 50% of the residential properties in the UK had an advertised speed of 10Mbps whereas even today 40% of the subscribers are swinging on packages with the theoretical download speeds of 10 Mbps or even less.

Ed Richards, the CEO of Ofcom commented that the figures indicate that there is an increase in the download speeds and what is more important is that consumers are now having choice of different service providers as well as different internet products. He added that now the consumers have the opportunity to choose between different packages available in their areas and they can select the best package that offers them the best value for their money in terms of speeds, service and security. He continued that thanks to the valuable services of the providers like the BT and Virgin Media, the British citizens can expect further speed boost in the coming years. Most houses in the UK currently have access to super-fast broadband services and they can expect a further boost in the broadband speeds in the near future.

What is done by the regulator, what is being done and what is going to be done are all for the benefit of the UK citizens. But don’t forget the masses that live in the remote areas or the so-called “dark-spots” in the digital world are also the citizens of the UK.

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