Wells to get super fast broadband by 2015

Monday, August 13th 2012

Last year in the month of June, the government proclaimed that it had set a budget for the rollout of the ultra fast broadband services for homes in Norfolk, Wiltshire, Devon and Somerset.

The department for culture had supplied for the funding while the total amount of £530 million will be divided among the four provinces.

It is very delighting news for the lucky recipients in the line by the plan of the government to make the UK the best country for the broadband internet by the year 2015.

The proposal was criticized for taking long duration of four years to rollout the proposed super fast broadband service in the UK.

It is not the first allegation that has been raised. In the October 2010 the first rollout was proclaimed and by the end of summer, out of these three tests, none of the trails were live whereas only two attend the stage of getting a company that is capable of delivering the required necessary services.

The program is part of a partnership council that aims to offer enhanced broadband service i.e. above 2 Mbps to every community and business in Devin and Somerset by the year 2012 and ultra fast broadband service of 24Mbps to minimum 85% of the location by 2015 and up to 100% by the year of 2020.

The next major step to bring super fast broadband is to get secure funding to setup broadband from the private sectors. It will require the help of the public to show the high demand for the high speed broadband by showing the coverage as well as current speed in the area.

For this, the user will require to fill in a survey to inform the organizer about the user’s current broadband speed. The user can know their present broadband speed by this link on Sunday morning at 7.30 am. Till now more than 25.5 thousand public have responded but if more people raise their voice the faster will get the result. .everyone will require a reliable domestic internet service.

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