Warm welcome to super-fast fibre services by University areas

Wednesday, November 9th 2011

The city is trying its best to improve the rates of broadband in the country especially in Hull. Now academics and students are going to be the beneficiaries of super-fast broadband.

KC, the telecommunications provider in Hull is going to announce its next location of expansion where they will be replacing the copper network with fibre-optic cables. By the end of the next year in East Yorkshire 15000 homes will be benefited by this move. The broadband speed of these 15,000 homes will be increased by ten times.

Dave McCobb and Karen Mathieson, the Baverley Ward councillors requested the provider to extend this work of upgrading to Newland Avenue, Baverley High Road Area, University and the Avenue where many University teachers and students reside. Councillor McCobb added that the city actually welcomes the decision of KC to provide access to a number of houses easy access to super-fast broadband and that the city is in need of this type of investment structure which will enable hundreds of houses to have access to super-fast broadband. He had already enquired KC whether it would be possible to include the Avenues, the area around the University , Newland Avenue and Baverley High Road in their next phase of expansion. Comparatively, these regions have high internet usage and the area contains some diverse communities. The existence of diverge communities would help KC to study the need from various groups.

He continued that some of the residents of that locality are being charged for services which they are not using though the company disputed this allegation. In his opinion people are paying for broadband which they are not getting and which the provider is not in a position to provide.

KC’s Director of consumer service, Nick Thompson said that through Mid and Pro services and Karoo Lite, every customer of KC in the East Yorkshire and Hull network has access to their 24Mbps high speed even now. The download speed that the customers get depends upon the distance of their homes from the nearby telephone exchange. This is the case with all the broadband services through out the UK.

He continued that before Christmas, the firm will announce the locations where the company is planning to install super-fast fibre services. The firm is investing millions of pounds for fibre installation. He also said that the download speeds of KC’s customers are far better than the speeds provided by other providers in the UK.

In September in the village of Woodmansey, between Hull and Baverley new hi-tech network was launched. As a trial some 280 house holds were given a chance to experiment the new technology. They could download an hour long TV show in 31 seconds, download a high-definition movie in 2 minutes and a complete music album in less than 2 seconds.

No extra money was charged from the customers participating in the trialling technology but was asked to report back to KC to narrate their experience. The Company said that the new technology will help households to stream videos, websites, high definition TV and it would also increase the utility of iPads and TVs, PCs.

In the Great Thornton Streets area the new cabling work is going on and within a fortnight the installation in the Swine, Benningholme and East Ridge Villages are expected to be completed. The interactive map of the regulator shows that the South Coast in Brighton with 80% has the highest rate of fixed-line broadband service and Hull occupies the third place with 50% and Western Isles with 46% has the lowest rate of fixed-line broadband service.

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