Wallingford to get fast connectivity thanks to the initiative of Oxford County Council

Friday, February 17th 2012

Wallingford in Oxford County will be benefited by the government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) program. The government and the local authorities will contribute GBP 3.6 million each for the high speed project while the county council will set aside GBP 350,000. David Robertson of the council informed that Wallingford was selected after talks with Ewelme Parish Council and RAF Benson, both of which are in need of fast internet. The task includes upgrading of the telephone exchange of the place which will enable next generation broadband to about 460 business establishments and 6,775 households. Robertson had spoken to Oxford Mail that the fast internet will uplift the businesses in the town. Robertson could not confirm as to which other places in the county are going to have benefits next, but the county council is making a thorough study of the requirements of various places and the government will be informed before the month of April. Dan Beacham of ‘KP Stationers’ informed that internet is not a luxury any more. It is a must for every business and individual. BT started its fiber broadband installation in the county starting with Oxford, Banbury, Headingtown and Summertown. John Weaver of BT informed that the advantages of the fast internet are multifold. It is essential in households for entertainment and information, for students to do online studies and business to compete in the world wide market.

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