Vispa UK ISP Revamps its Broadband Package Prices

Saturday, August 22nd 2009

Broadband and Phone Line Rental Bundle PackageVispa the UK broadband internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom, has reportedly revamped its prices for broadband and voice packages. The broadband provider has priced its Home Broadband up to 8Mbps services, starting at GBP 14.95 a month. The interesting thing about this package for the probing customer is that it includes a monthly usage allowance of 2GB.


Other niceties that are packed in this broadband and voice bundle package are a VoIP line of VispaTalk, contract period of one month, static IP, unlimited overnight usage, and a general bundle of security and email features. The internet service provider also offers an array of broadband and landline voice rental bundles.


These broadband – voice landline rental packages are dubbed Home Complete packages by Vispa, and start their prices from GBP 23.99 a month. These servces too, are packed with the same features that are featured by the standalone service. However, the line rental addition in the price and free minutes of voice calls beginning at sixty minutes for the GBP23.99 bundle package.

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