Various factors that deters participants from file sharing

Tuesday, January 31st 2012

When participants were asked about the factors that discouraged from file sharing, they came with unclear answers. Level of file sharing experience determined the various deterrents. All of them were considered with a common min-set towards file sharing, low risk and high reward. With individuals, the deterring factors changed significantly. However, motivations for file sharing suggested the deterrents. Least committed participants are likely to be discouraged from file sharing significantly. By creating increased awareness about the legality of file sharing activities they will discontinue the activity. On the other hand, for the most committed participants identification of their activity is the main deterrent.

Least committed participants
File sharing behaviour of self serving consumers and less tech savvy participants will change by creating awareness about the legal status of the activities. Media campaigns and warning letters are certain factors that will put off file sharing among this group of people. These methods will likely discourage them from file sharing. Since most of the people in this group rely heavily on antivirus software, brands offering the software offer effective messages that will divert them from file sharing. They could effectively intervene and make the participants aware about the illegal nature of file sharing.

Moderately committed
Participants with some commitment levels needs to be alerted about the potential consequences of file sharing. Once they understand the seriousness of the penalties, they will divert themselves from file sharing. Getting caught is the main consequence for file sharing and by proclaiming it, less committed participants will be discouraged. They should be made aware about the legal alternatives to file sharing. Through messages these could be publicized.

Most committed
Collectors and Cybertechies with high technical knowledge fall in this category. Discouraging them from the act of file sharing is very difficult. The only factor that will deter the participants from file sharing is their uncertainty of detection. However, they will look out for the credibility of the messages offered to them. Additionally, they will seek proof for the effective detection and prosecution. Providing local examples could deter them from file sharing. Penalties that will prevent them from accessing internet will be the main deterrent for people in this group. People in different groups considered various factors as deterrents to file sharing.

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