US Contemplating on a National Broadband, Emulating Carter

Saturday, April 11th 2009

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has reportedly triggered off the plan for an ambitious broadband project on Wednesday. This was all about the launch of a process that would result in a 'National Broadband Plan' that in its turn would bring superfast broadband access of internet to every corner of the USA.


The recently released economic stimulus package of 800 billion dollars, also saw the inclusion of the broadband road map funding. Further, the package also allocated 7.2 billion dollars to help uner-served rural areas of the country access decent broadband coverage.


Can He Bring Forth A Change In The Broadband Segment Of The USAThe FCC, given a deadline of Feb 17, 2010 by the Congress, has been found seeking contributions from consumers, businesses, industry, non-profits and federal, local and state governments to the national broadband plan.


The plan is expected to monitor closely the issues such as broadband demand and supply, affordability and quality, apart from vulnerabilitis or threats and problems on cybersecurity and privacy. The scope of broadband in the advancement of civic participation in government, homeland security, health care provision, education, energy independance and community development would also be examined by the plan.


Michael Copps, the acting chairman for FCC in the interim of the present FCC chairman Julius Genachowski awaiting confirmation from the senate, said that this day, they have commenced a national dialogue on the probabilities of high speed broadband being availed with ease of use and affordability to homes and businesses throughout the country.


It is widely perceived that the present steps on this context were taken as a part of President Barack Obama's fulfilling his election promise of bringing broadband to every home in the US.

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