Ultra high speed broadband for Wales

Thursday, July 26th 2012

According to First Minister Carwyn Jones a £425 million deal has been signed with BT for provision of next generation broadband to 96% of households and businesses in Wales by 2015.

The objective of the Welsh government is slightly superior to that of UK itself which is for provision of broadband for 90% of the population.

It is the largest project in the UK and will make Wales a leader in fiber broadband worldwide.

The speed will be 15 times more than that available at present.

Not less than 1.3 million premises in Wales will be benefited with ultra fast broadband speed.

The project will generate plenty of jobs during the execution period. Apart from that about 500 persons will be engaged locally by BT for carrying out the work. BT has agreed to provide jobs for 900 youngsters.

There will be scope for at least 2,500 permanent and full time jobs in the future.

Mr Jones informed that the target is not limited to getting the ultra fast broadband. Wales must become the leader in fast communication. That will encourage businesses in other places and countries to establish in Wales, as a result of which the economy of the place will boost.

Liv Garfield of BT Openreach is proud to be associated with Wales in the project. He appreciated the vision of the Welsh government and said that it will ensure substantial economic growth for Wales.

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