UK Users paying out annually GBP 4m for Broadband Technical Help

Monday, November 8th 2010

It has been revealed by a freshly carried out research that the consumers in the United Kingdom were paying out around GBP 4 million, annually for broadband helplines.

The relevant research was carried out by the popular broadband comparison website, uSwitch, which also found out that the figure was set to surge in the near future, as calls rising to 20 million in 2010 from the 16 million calls in 2009.

Meanwhile, the standard of the technicians has been blamed for that number of calls, as only a bit more than a third of the broadband issues were solved the first time.

The research revealed that TalkTalk and Orange were the providers least popular with the consumers when it came to delivering technical back up. Although, the costs were free, the latter's customers were held for at least 7 minutes.

86 pence was charged per complaint call by interet service providers such as AOL, Orange and Sky. Collectively the ISPs have brought the average cost of a broadband help call to 68 pence a minute.

The average period of wait has been found to be five minutes.

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