UK plans of expansion of broadband to remote areas get real

Monday, November 26th 2012

A Report in the House of Lords presented by the Communications Committee has emphasised that broadband development should be considered and given equal priority as given for any other essential infrastructure project, like transport or energy.

So the UK government has committed to expand the reach of superfast broadband service in the country by 2015.

It is now possible to reach the remotest part of the UK. The Scottish isle, Isle of Bute, where broadband is non-existant can now see that all changed soon. BT is collaborating with partners in exploring the possibility of using redundant bits of the radio spectrum that has been now vacated by analogue television, as television is shifting to the digital space.

This has opened up new areas of “white space” in the spectrum. 38 MHz wide of channels will be opened up and can be used for broadband. The test trials have found speeds of 4 and 8 Mbps can be achieved using a simple TV antenna and a different set-top box. BT is keen to emphasise that these trials are not just relevant to rural broadband but could make a difference, because the work here is this Scottish isle is more cutting edge and had promise in the future.

The plans to improve broadband by the UK government, particularly in rural areas have been cleared by the European Commission. The government's £530 million scheme aims to reach areas where commercial businesses will not touch.

The Home Secretary Maria Miller is confident this scheme will deliver the best broadband network in Europe. Mrs Miller reiterated David Cameron's government is hugely ambitious to connect superfast broadband to 90% of homes in UK.

Work in Surrey and Wales will be followed by Rutland, Cumbria, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, as in the first plans, of which the bulk of work will be undertaken by BT.

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