UK ISP predicts Higher Broadband Prices in 2011

Wednesday, January 5th 2011

The managing director of a popular business internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom, Fluidata UK has warned that the surging business and consumer demand for more data-intensive applications such as Cloud and Internet TV combined with a operational mode of the industry of lowering prices to the lowest level possible could end up in higher prices for all.

The managing director at Fluidata UK, Piers Daniell commented that gone were the days where one could enjoy an all-you-can-consume service as the telecommunications giant BT has conspicuously moved to the fresg pricing model, which rreflected the fact that people would be shelling out more for service with a growing demand.

This needs to be read with another factor that with reduction in the level of competition it seems data would presently emerge as a much more costly commodity, says Daniell. Particularly since those fresh types of services posing difficulty of management through the engagement of packet shaping that has been used by the industry to make sure of continuous profits.

Daniell added that they has analysed only five consumers on their network using the popular ADSL MAX service of BT, an year or so back. He also stated that those handful of consumers had together cost them more than GBP 700 a month owing to greater volumes of data carried.

According to Daniell, either the industry was required to revert to a realistic price for the speed of a broadband pipe with unlimited data usage or to make the general conmsumers stomach higher prices.


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