UK Broadband Ltd takes over WiMAX Broadband Wireless Spectrum

Friday, June 18th 2010

Daisy Group, the Communications Operator and Internet Service Provider have sold off its permanent WiMAX broadband wireless radio spectrum to the UK Broadband Limited, owned by PCCW at a cost of £12.5m.

Daisy Group is a joint venture by Daisy Communications, FREEDOM4 PLC and Vialtus Solutions claiming more than 40,000 users in the UK.

The spectrum was earlier utilised by FREEDOM4 to operate a permanent WiMAX broadband wireless ISP service in Milton Keynes. It was expected to be priced nearly £4.2m.

Meanwhile, the spectrum is also reported to have added to a section of £800,000 money depletion. Further, closing of the company by FREEDOM4 Ltd ought to save an extra £1m.

The company declares that it was rid of its unprofitable Wi-Fi (FREEDOM4 WiFi) industry to the current administration for an insignificant quantity of cash.

In the time being, PCCW Group, based at Hong-Kong, the owner of UK Broadband Ltd operates the “NOW Wireless” Broadband ISP service. It also has global WiMAX Licenses covering the mobile WiMAX (802.16e) packages.

NOW Wireless provides specific services to the Government and Public Sector Companies. On the other hand, it does not in any way affect its user wireless devices in years.

The service it supplies is the same obsolete 1Mbps package with a usage limit of 10GB, valid for as long as we can bear in mind.

WiMAX, somewhat like Wi-Fi, however has the ability to provide quicker speeds for wireless broadband with better coverage. It also provides 4G Mobile Broadband services, even if not all the rage in the UK.

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