Ten contestants for Government funding

Wednesday, December 21st 2011

For a share of the 100 million Pounds Government funding for super-fast broadband deployment, 10 cities of the UK are competing. Mr. Jeremy Hunt, Culture Secretary said that Chancellor George Osborne in Autumn Statement had already announced the names of the UK’s four capitals London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff as beneficiaries of Government funding.

Now for the remaining six places on the scheme, ten cities, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Bradford, Newcastle, Nottingham and Leeds are competing.

The Government funding will be utilized for the creation of “super-connected” cities with 80-100 Mbps broadband access. All the bidders have to show details as to how the money would be spent, how they are going to attract new businesses and how the money spent is going to attain growth.

Mr. Hunt said that in modern times internet has become the back bone of the economy. The broadband facility in the UK must be brought to the forefront. Once the cities are transformed into ‘super-connected’ then they will be able to compete with the world’s any other top digital city. The cities then could attract and create new jobs and could attract new investment. The UK would become a hub of hi-tech companies. The super-fast connectivity will make our hi-tech companies and creative industries to grow and it would make the UK an attractive hub of business activity and businesses overseas would be attracted.

Thanks to super-fast broadband connectivity, new businesses are creeping up and the old ones are growing. To make our dream a reality, the determination to work for the availability of the most appropriate digital infrastructure in the UK is a must.

In the winning cities, Virgin Media and BT will strengthen their network to provide higher speeds and the money would also be spent for the rollout of broadband in to the rural areas where the companies are reluctant to go. The names of the winners will be announced in March.

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