Survey reveals Britain towns with worst and best broadband speeds

Tuesday, September 20th 2011

Recent survey has revealed the Britain towns that get worst broadband speeds. In the survey, more that 1.5 million UK streets participated and speed tests were carried out. The survey was carried out during the period March to August, 2011.

The Britain town to receive the worst broadband speeds is Halesworth’s Mount Pleasant, suggests the results of the survey. The town received a staggering 0.128 megabits a second. Forestfield, Horsham and West Sussex received 0.134 megabits a second speeds giving it second position. Places like Inchkeith Drive, Dunfermline and Fife received 0.169 broadband speeds.

Most the places that were selected as the towns to receive the worst speeds were urban areas and closer to exchanges. It published a list of 50 UK streets that experienced poor broadband speeds.

On the other hand, Leamington Spa in Warwickshire topped the list of towns that received fastest broadband speeds. This town got 18.865Mbps speeds.

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