Star broadband package exclusive for businesses

Friday, March 20th 2009

With the advancement made by Star broadband provider of new range packages, UK businesses look forward to upgrade their broadband package in order to keep up to its standards. This company has announced its latest product with speeds of up to 24Mbps, which is another step in establishing itself as a company specializing in offering broadband services for businesses.

People who subscribe to this package will be able to access internet, unlimited downloads, 24-hour support service, customer care and all this without having burdened with a set up fee. According to Hugo Harber who is the head of convergence and network strategy at Star, the company is the only dedicated one for UK businesses and is unique among others offering high-speed broadband packages. He added that the customers will benefit from high speed internet and at the same time will be assured from a well qualified technical team and will be given instant responses.

The company is planning to avail this package from the month of April at prices starting from £39.99 a month to around 40% of the country. Earlier this month, Pipex has unveiled its business broadband package for small and medium businesses. This Pro Enhanced Upstream service is available at £19.50 a month and comes with download speeds to 16Mbps along with 2.5Mbps upstream speeds. Pipex says that it is much faster than the speeds offered by basic ADSL-based broadband schemes.

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