Shell Energy slashed its broadband price for Easter

Saturday, April 13th 2019

On the occasion of Easter celebrations, one of the ISPs and Energy provider Shell Energy has announced that they have reduced the prices of their standard and superfast broadband packages to the new customers. First Utility, which has been recently rebranded as Shell Energy, offers wide range of discounts on their broadband packages with 18 months of contracts.


The new subscribers will expect to get free wireless router, unlimited usage, phone line rental included, a contract term of 18 months, free connection & delivery and UK based support. The ISP also promises that they will not raise the monthly prices at the end of the contract term.


Shell’s energy customers will get additional discounts. The above price discounts will be available until May 14, 2019 to order. The broadband packages are:


Fast broadband

With an average download speed of 11 Mbps at a price of £17.99 (actual price: £19.99) per month.


Superfast Fibre
With an average download speed of 35 Mbps at a price of £23.99 (actual price: £29.99) per month.


Superfast Fibre Plus

With an average download speed of 63 Mbps at a price of £27.99 (actual price: £34.99) per month.


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