Opemreach and Huawei on a trial demonstrate 100Gbps over FTTP network

Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Open reach and Huawei have demonstrated on a trial over the FTTP network (GPON fibre network), that 100Gbps is possible, promising a "hyperfast future" ahead. Currently Openreach is pushing up the rollout of their PON (Passive Optical Network) full fibre architecture, which is reaching some 333,500 premises in the United Kingdom. But it can reach by 2020, some 2 million premises and possibly even more by around 2025. Therefore they are keen in demonstrating just how fast in the future a consumer FTTP line can become.

Demonstrating that 100Gbps is possible, using the same options and fibre network currently deployed, by changing only the electronics at the exchange and the premises end, indicates that the present fibre architecture has a long road ahead. We should also consider the fact that 5G tech is around the corner and its importance.

Openreach's CEO, Clive Selley, said the trial proves their FTTP network is fit for the future, with the right equipment at the exchange and customer's home, to tailor speeds to individual needs. They will be working to make sure, whether you're a small business or a keen gamer, your communications provider can offer you speeds you need and value for money, he added.

CIO for Openreach, Mark Lam, commented that the demonstration in public, using standard infrastructure, shows exactly how data is transmitted to the premises and with a massive speed hike, the highest in the world. He added that bandwidth requirements are found to increase at some 40% per year on year and that they need to be ready for the growth in other areas, like 5G mobile networks, as smartphone traffic is predicted to exceed PC traffic by 2020.

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