Northyorkshire's communities to get super fast broadband under SFNY Project

Thursday, May 10th 2018

The SFNY (Superfast North Yorkshire) project has been undertaken by a partnership between North Yorkshire County Council and BT with the motto of “connecting our communities” by delivering superfast broadband to the County and bringing together with other initiatives for providing better rural broadband access. After completion of second phase, £20.5m - phase three contract has been signed in the month of February 2018. Some of the most remote communities in North Yorkshire were given a promise of getting the best broadband connections under this project.

Now the county council has revealed the areas which are included in the third phase of its roll-out of this project in their website ( In SFNY website, one can find an interactive map from where they can check whether they are included in the third phase of this project for the first 12000 connections by using address/postcode and when they will get installation. NYnet – a fully owned broadband company of the county will manage the SFNY project along with BT. The county has engaged BT to provide 95% of high quality broadband coverage to the premises in the county and BT will also invest an additional £9.2m for the infrastructure. The third phase work is expected to begin before the end of the year and complete by mid of 2021. Hence most of the properties which fall under this project areas, will get fibre to the premises super fast broadband connections.

The Executive Member of the North Yorkshire County Councillor, Don Mackenzie said that the best technology broadband connections will be put up in the third phase and some of the remote communities will also get benefited. The residents waited patiently for this SFNY project will get the best quality broadband connections under this project.

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