MLL's FibreConnect become accessible to businesses in Stirling

Wednesday, June 6th 2018

The partnership of City Fibre with MLL Telecom have brought Scotland's Stirling city businesses with the 24 km Gigabit fibre broadband and ethernet connectivity. Though the network was ready last year, earlier it was only opened to public sector sites. Now businesses located in Stirling city can enjoy a Gigabit speed connectivity with the partnership of MLL & Cityfibre which are engaged in providing future proof digital infrastructure built with full fibre network and internet services.

MLL's Fibre Connect which was launched in the month of May in Stirling Business Week, has been rolled out commercially now to local businesses to enjoy the benefits of fibre optics with gigabit boost. This will help the businesses in increasing their productivity for sure. Recently the city was also announced as one of the benefiticiaries of full fibre (FTTH/P) roll out in extension of their network by CityFibre-Vodafone partnership to give ultra fast connectivity to every home / premises.

The FibreConnect services provide premium internet servcices with high bandwidth using full fibre technology to the businesses of any type at best competitive prices. FibreConnect provides connectivity with 100Mbps, 500Mbps or 1000Mbps speeds which has the features of dedicated Connectivity, router suitable for businesses, monitored service (checking availability of the connection) and customer support (12 x 5) by MLL’s National Network Operational Centre plus standard support. And full time support will be provided upon the requirement of the businesses.

Head of Regional Development of City Fibre - James McClafferty said that full fibre is marked as gold standard and essential in the digital connecticity. By allowing access to their network to businesses as enjoyed by the public sectors, the city will become the well connected one and the residents will also get benefited.

Head of New Business, Public Sector of MLL - Jeremy Wastie stated that the city has a strong business background and MLL feel happy to be a part of business growth by providing ultrafast broadband services which will increase productivity and render creation of new jobs in the community.

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