Launch of new 4G Home broadband plan through mobile network by Three

Monday, February 4th 2019

UK’s one of the mobile operators Three UK has recently announced that they have introduced a new mobile broadband router and HomeFi data plan which is 3G/ 4G supporting through mobile network. Their new package is introduced at monthly price of £22 for a contract term of 24 months and shows unlimited data.

The Home-Fi will work through the mobile network of Three UK not through fixed line and it work similar to home broadband even though given through mobile network. The package will include a router of Huawei B311 which gives connectivity to maximum of 32 devices through Wifi.

The router will include one Ethernet port (LAN/WAN) and it can deliver a peak 4G download speeds of 150 Mbps and upload speeds of 50 Mbps. The customers can get “Go Binge” service under this package from the operator.

As this plan of Three UK reveals unlimited data, but their press release also shows confusingly “100Gb data plus unlimited data add-on” and in the order process also there is no mention of the word unlimited. But the operators’ PR team is telling that the plan will provide unlimited data. Hence it seems that the plan may be a limited time offer which provides unlimited data for the first contract term of 24 months only.  

However this plan is under TrafficSense management system to find out whether there is any inappropriate use of this service say commercial use which is not allowed as per their terms and it is a Home-fi broadband only.

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