Launch of Fluidone's Ethernet on Demand with Sky

Saturday, September 29th 2018

One of the business ISPs in the UK, FluidOne has recently announced that they have launched a new solution called “Software Defined Networking” in the UK market. The new feature helps the customers to keep their data bandwidth up or down as per their requirements which will be available on Carrier Class Network of Sky through 2800 exchanges.

The new SND feature will enable FluidOne's partners with the ability to quote for, ordering and then flexibility of changing the bandwidth up or down on demand basis via Ethernet leased lines. The ISP’s Dash Portal, which is a part of “Platform One” system, will make possible the new feature in real time and the platform has various fixed line, broadband & wireless services.

FluidOne CEO - Russell Horton said that their software and network operations team developed materially their Platform One which is their national fibre network as a part of their continued investment in innovation in the year. They designed and developed a robust solution - SDN layer which made to allow ongoing and continued releases of SDN's features in the coming year.

The new EoD (Ethernet on Demand) is most required in industries which have varrying or seasonal operations during the year. Say example hospitality, events, retail, education and travel etc will be peak busy in specfic seasons. Hence EoD helps the ISPs customers to monitor their actual requirement of bandwidth and then they can fix it up or down as per their seasonal requirements and back to normal again for the remaining period.

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